Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crooked River Ranch

Another weekend, another new campground to try out. I never thought I'd say this about camping but we felt a little out of place without the golf clubs. It seemed like we were the only people there that didn't come to golf. This was our first trip to Crooked River Ranch and we had a great time. We chose it because it was only 5 minutes away from Smith Rock where I was running a 10K. It was a gorgeous area to visit. The campground is in the bottom of a canyon with a beautiful golf course and swimming pool. The boys did better in the pool this time than they did in Hawaii. They didn't seem as nervous and had fun playing in the water. Brock had a cold though and eventually felt too sick to care about the pool. It was clear blue skies and hot, hot, hot outside. The boys had fun exploring the area on foot and driving their gator. They are getting really good at steering and were a crowd favorite tooting around in their green machine. They also got to play with Nana and Papa who were staying in Redmond. They thought that they were pretty hot stuff even after Papa made fun of their floppy red hats. I also included a couple of photos of Smith Rock above.

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