Sunday, June 30, 2013

5 Year Pics

The boys are 5 years old now and you know what that means....yep another trip to the Picture People!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Champoeg State Park 2013

Nothing spells wilderness like stamped concrete pads and bounce houses. (Yes James really did bring the bounce castle camping with us :)This was our first time camping at Champoeg State park and we had a great time. We got several hikes/bike rides in the Forrester and Currey families. Mason sported his new motorcycle riding boots most of the weekend. They looked particularly sharp with his shorts while riding his bicycle. Of course we made s'mores our own unique way by cleaning out the cupboard....peeps, chocolate Easter bunnies and graham crackers. Good friends, good weather, good wine :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

4 yr Old Flag Football

The boys had a ton of fun playing flag football this year and I liked that at this age they didn't actually play games it was more like once a week clinics. They got to run around every Monday ripping flags off each other. There was a bit of confusion the very first day out when the coach yelled go and ten kids (nine boys and one girl :) all tackled each other and ended up in one giant pile! The coach started yelling no, no this is NOT the kind of football you see on TV there is NO tackling! It was pretty comical.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

5th Birthday Party

Another year has passed and this year the boys chose to have a Batman themed birthday party. We talked my dad into smoking the meat for us again for pulled pork sandwiches and it turned out just as amazing as last year. We were blessed to have perfect weather and got to enjoy the outdoor kitchen that James has been working so hard on. We had way too much food, the boys got way too many presents but they had soooo much fun running all over the yard playing with cousins and friends.

Birthday Breakfast

Isn't this what everyone does for breakfast on their birthday? Yes the boys are eating their oatmeal while wearing their new riding gloves (you wouldn't want blisters from the spoon) and yes they talked James into wearing his gloves while he ate his oatmeal also. They always get sprinkles in their meal on their birthday so they asked James "daddy don't you want sprinkles in your oatmeal too?" and he said "nope it's not my birthday" :) and yes the bike is in the kitchen since that is where they found it when they woke up that morning. Totally typical right?

Dirt & Worms

The boys "helped" me make dirt and worms cups for their birthday dessert at school and had WAY too much fun doing it :)

The Boys New Toy

Daddy got the boys a 50cc dirt bike for their birthday and I think he is having more fun than they are!

Strawberry Parade 2013

Thanks to Aunt Niki saving us spots again this year we were able to enjoy the Strawberry parade. Nana and I took the boys and they had a blast playing in the street with all their cousins watching all the people pass by but boy was it hot out!