Saturday, April 12, 2008

27 Week Ultrasound

Well we had another ultrasound done yesterday. This time it was at the albany hospital. Their 2D pictures don't turn out quite as well as the specalist but they had more time to play around with the 3D/4D pictures. Since we didn't actually see a doctor this time we won't find out the results until tuesday so it will be interesting to see if they still measure as big as they did at 20 weeks. Our next appointment with a perinatal specialist isn't until 32 weeks and this time we will be going up to Portland. Both babies were moving quite a bit during the ultrasound which also made it kind of hard to get good pictures. They are still lying transverse on top of one another. Baby B is the top baby and A is on the bottom. They started out with both heads on the left side and half way through baby A flipped so that his head ended up on the right side. The weird thing is that I couldn't even really feel that. If I didn't feel a movement that big it makes me wonder what their doing in their when my stomach stretches out and it feels like big movements. So far everything seems to be going great.