Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 Year Check-Up

Well we can't believe another year has come and gone. The boys are conversational talking now and they co-play more now. They LOVE their preschool and are fully potty trained with the exception of pull-ups at night time. Whew!! They love the teachers, kids and all the art/crafts activities at school. Most importantly they are taking good naps there. They are really into catching "bad guys" right now though I have no idea where this came from and they like to make up different kisses kiss, blue kiss, tractor kiss, puppy kiss...etc.

Today was their 3 year doctor appointments. Both boys were in the 50% for height and Mason was just above the 50% for weight while Brock was closer to the 25% for weight. Brock was 36.75" tall and 32.4 lbs. Mason was 37.5" tall and 34.0 lbs. Of course maybe they weighed more since we went straight from Izzy's to the doctor :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunshine & Swimming Holes

We are very luck to have neighbors with river front property and the perfect swimming hole. Since we actually got a sunny day the boys were finally able to go play in the river.

Fair 2011

It was family day at the Linn County Fair and I knew that the boys would have even more fun this year now that they are older. Taking the boys to the fair the day after knee surgery was not the smartest idea I've ever had but the boys had tons of fun and we made it a fairly short trip. The petty zoo and all of the bounce houses were a must.

Family & Sunshine

We had a busy weekend. My Aunt Trudy was in town from Arizona, my mom's cousin Bunny was in town from Montana, and Josh and Miranda came down to visit. James also had a golf tournament, we did the July birthdays with James's family and it was the county fair. This all was on top of the fact that I had knee surgery this weekend. The boys had a great weekend playing in the water and getting lots of attention from all the adults. They got in a water fight and Uncle Josh is now their favorite person.


Yes these two little geeky boys are really fearless "bad guy" killers. Where do little boys get this stuff? At least my house is bad guy free.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

LaPine State Park

The second weekend in July we decided to camp at LaPine State Park for the first time. We went with the Curry, Hubbard, Forrester, and Reese families. We got in several long hikes and bike rides. The boys loved playing with all the kids and dogs. They did a great job keeping everyone cool with the super soaker guns too. We also got to see the largest tree in Oregon which is a 500 year old Poderosa Pine. Though it didn't seem that amazing to me...very anticlimactic after such a long hike.

Obsidian Flow

On our way home from LaPine we decided to stop at the "Big Obsidian Flow" up on the Newberry volcanic crater. Both boys were very excited to see all the "shiny" rocks and they had fun playing in the snow in the middle of summer. Brock got tired though and wanted to be carried most of the way but Mason's enthusiasm lasted the whole hike.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Harrisburg Parade 2011

This was our third parade this year so the boys are really getting the hang of it. Nana and Papa went with us and the Reese family saved us seats. Again their favorite thing was the fire trucks....well next to the candy of course. I've never seen as much candy thrown as they do at the Harrisburg parade and the boys have gotten very good at collecting it. Just what we need a gallon size bag of candy :)and yes that is Mason picking his nose.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July with the Dodges

It was such nice weather that the Dodge family decided to get together for a BBQ. The kids got wet running through the sprinkler toys and Aunt Niki provided the water balloons. The little ones had the best time playing with a cardboard box and wrestling with the older cousins. We had lots of big fireworks thanks to Uncle Ryan and Grandma & Grandpa. This was the first year that the boys really paid attention to the fireworks and they loved them. It was a great way to spend a summer evening.