Thursday, September 12, 2013

Honey Badger Soccer 2013-14

The boys are playing their second season of U6 soccer through AYSO and this year their team name is the Honey Badgers. They had their first game last weekend and all the kids had a blast! As a Beaver fan I'm loving the orange jerseys and being hunting season they are so bright that they can double as hunters orange. If we want to trek through the woods no one will mistake them for wildlife :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Kindergarten 2013

The boys first official day of kindergarten was today! Last week that got to meet their teacher Mrs. Galvan at Liberty and has their interviews. They were super excited to find out that several of their friends from their preschool were also in their kindergarten class. They got to learn were their cubbies are, how to find a spot to sit on the ABC mat, recess, and even snack time. What a great first day! On their second day they get to ride a school bus for the first time after school to CAPS at another grade school which is what we are doing for daycare on the days that mommy works. They are really excited about this. Mason said "Mom did you know that they don't even have seat belts on buses!"

Monday, September 2, 2013

First Football Game!

We took the boys to their first football game and to Brock's utter disappointment it was the season opener for the Ducks. It's safe to say Brock isn't a Duck fan. He was really excited until he found out it was "where the ducks live". I told him to just close his eyes and pretend he's where the beavers live because that's what mommy is going to do :) I tried to get Brock to wear a duck shirt for daddy's sake. I wrestled it on, there was some screaming involved and when I turned around he had it off again. What a good beaver fan! The day of the game was really hot and we parked miles away so unfortunately by the time we completed our 5 mile nature hike through downtown Eugene to get to Autzen stadium the boys were pretty much done. We made it to half time before we left but of course so did half of the rest of the sold out stadium since it was a blow out against Nicholls State. Mason was sad because he didn't get to meet the duck mascot and Brock was upset because he didn't want people to think he was a duck fan! Oh well we tried, maybe we'll have better luck next time :)