Sunday, January 31, 2010


So the boys have now discovered Elmo or El-ma as Brock calls him. They've had Elmo toys forever but ever since Nana brought them over some new Elmo books they think he's the best thing since sliced bread. Brock is just so darn cute with his pronunciation of "El-ma" and he likes to point him out on every page of every book.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

19 Months

Oh the joys of toddlers! They are just so much fun all the time.....well most of the time at least. They are learning all sorts of new words and their vocabulary is expanding everyday. They can name anything that is important to them but they still have never said mama. Oh they say dada close to a million times a day and even papa but still no mama. They are also getting really good at pointing out objects in books, making animal noises and even a little sign language. Brock is our animal lover. He gets excited anytime he sees an animal on television or in his books while Mason loves balls. Any and all kinds of balls. They make us laugh everyday with all of their silly antics and copycat moves. Both of the boys love t.v. remotes but in the photos it's Brock that is holding them. Mason also has a shoe fetish. He loves digging all of my shoes out of the closet but those are daddy's shoes that he's tromping around the house in. The last picture is of a very messy Brock after daddy shared his ice-cream sandwich with him. Both boys are still great eaters. Last week I accidentally put jalapenos in our dinner instead of chilies but that didn't stop the boys from eating it. It was almost too spicy for me but they just chowed down though they drank a lot of water with dinner.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

18 Month Accomplishments

At 18 months the boys are getting pretty silly. Mason loves balls. Any and all balls. He finds the need to point them out every time he see one on T.V. Brock is our animal lover he loves all animal and is getting pretty good at making animal noises. He can sound like a dog, monkey, cow and pig. Both boys love puppets, music and Baby Einstein. They can jump, stomp and kick. They are learning to use spoons and their canines are coming in. Some of the words they can say include: baba, more, bye-bye, dada, duck, dog, shoes, socks, tickle-tickle, thank you, cracker, ouch, no, ball, truck, book, un-un and papa. Notice that mama isn't on the list. That's right their first word was thank you but they have not once said mama...turds. They can even sign "more" and "cracker". Some of the things that they can recognize and point out include: Dada, mama, nana, papa, cracker, ball, apple, banana, toast, hat, tractor, duck, dog, book, shoes, socks, bowl, remote, t.v., truck, chair, cat, and car to list a few. They have also started pointing out body parts. They know where their eyes, nose, mouth, belly button, ears, head, feet/toes and elbows are.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sometimes It Sucks Having A Cousin

Sometimes it sucks having a little cousin! As if having a brother isn't bad enough it's even worse having a "girl" following you around all the time. At least Brock thinks so. Their cousin Kiley is six months younger than them and she just loves to spend time with the boys. She likes sitting in Brock's lap to watch T.V. When we try to move her to here own chair she just climbs out and sits back in Brock's lap again. After she has him pinned down she can play with his toes. She also thinks it's fun to ride on their cars with them and sit in the high chair together. What's yours is mine right???