Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Boys Bedroom

Well we got the boys bedroom painted this weekend so I thought I'd add a couple of photos. My mom came over to help and I think for the first time ever the paint actually turned out to be the color that I wanted. Now if their bedding would ever come off back order we'd be set. Some of you may have seen our bedding but its blue and brown turtles with dots. Don't ask about the one random brown dot on the wall. You'll also notice that we finally got the second crib set up too. (Not that they'll get used right away-but they look good.)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shop Progress

Who would have thought we would have made so much progress so quickly. The guys spent friday night and all day saturday finishing the framework. Unfortunately they did it in some of the worst weather that we've had in over a month.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Shop Is Going Up !!!

Wow!! Who whould have thought we finally started putting the shop up. The kit has only been done and paid for since July and we're just now getting around to putting it up. James, Arien, and Jim have spent a couple hours each day after work getting these poles up and its going amazingly quickly. When it is finished it will be a 50' X 72' shop with 18' eves. There will be three RV doors, two man doors and we eventually will have some office space with second story storage also. We really need the storage space since everything in the babies room needs to go in the garage and everything in the garage needs to go in the shop. Now the shop just has to be built and maybe we'll have room to bring our babies home....