Sunday, March 31, 2013

Raymond Easter 2013

When we pulled up at Nana & Papa's house the boys were excited to see that Papa had written "Happy Easter Brock & Mason we love you" on the drive way while he was power washing it! The excitement just didn't end either first they got to show off their marshmallow shooters to Uncle Josh and Papa then after lunch they went across the street to play at they park so hopefully the Easter bunny would come and leave more eggs at nana's house. Mason said that everyone had to leave except great-grandma "because she can't walk good but she has to go put her head in the corner otherwise the bunny won't come because he'll be too scared because he doesn't like people to see him " I guess he has it all figured out :)The boys were really excited to find more money in their eggs. Mason said "the Easter bunny must be rich!" Overall it was a great day and we couldn't have asked for better weather.

The Easter Bunny Did What??

If you haven't figured it our yet pinterest rules our are just a few more inspirations that we used to make our Easter just a little more memorable. When the boys woke up Easter morning they ran downstairs and found out that the Easter bunny not only left them a basket full of goodies (including PVC pipe marshmallow shooters-idea from pinterest too :) and eggs hidden everywhere he also left his poo in the toilet and forgot to flush! Since everyone knows that the Easter bunny poops jelly beans we knew for sure that the real bunny had been in our house :) They also saw this on the computer previously so when they discovered the jelly bean poo in the toilet while hunting eggs they were overjoyed by this irrefutable proof that the bunny was here! They were also very excited to find money (pennies & nickels) in their eggs. Mason said "I have so much money now I can't even count it all!"

Easter with the Dodges 2013

We decided to celebrate on Saturday this year with the Dodge family. Everyone was able to make it which meant we had a large crowd and lots of kiddos for the egg hunt. This was our first big get together in mom and dad's new house and it went rather smoothly considering they still aren't totally unpacked yet. Mason saw on pinterest how you can make your dinner rolls look like bunnies so he put in his request to grandma Dodge who always makes homemade rolls. We tried our best and they looked slightly more like devils but he was happy to get his bunny roll :) The Parker boys helped fill and hide all the eggs which is weird since I remember doing this for them back when they could barely walk! The boys came home with massive amounts of candy so they were happy kiddos :)

Jelly Beans & Lollipops

Our holidays are now a collaboration of pinterest inspired ideas and here is yet another one...and since we saw it on the internet it must be true! We read that if you plant jelly beans the day before Easter then when you wake up on Easter morning they will have grown into lollipops. As you can see we decided to test the theory. The boys scattered their jelly beans in the grass, watered them good and waited....the next morning when they woke up what do you know LOLLIPOPS! They were ecstatic!

Pre-Easter Peep Roasting

We did a little pre-Easter peep roasting around the campfire up on Aunt Tia's farm. The kids played fisbies, made mountain pies, roasted marshmallows and played with glow in the dark bubbles. The boys had a blast with their cousins!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Egg Coloring 2013- Round 2

Brock was feeling much better today and he was really excited to get the rest of our eggs colored! This was also the first time that daddy has actually colored eggs with the boys as we usually do it while he is at work. Can you guess which egg James colored? :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Eggs Coloring 2013- Round 1

Round 1 went to the Hamilton's this year! Jen and I decided to color Easter eggs with the kiddos while the guys played poker. This probably would have been the only time we colored eggs this year except Brock ended up sick and had to stay home :( Mason and mommy however had a blast with Carson, Peyton and Jen! We used crayons to color on the eggs and the colors turned out nice and bright just how we like them :)