Saturday, August 28, 2010

State Fair 2010

The boys got their first taste of the state fair today. James's work had their summer picnic at the state fair so it was a great opportunity to take the boys. They got to pet a wallaby in the petting zoo not to mention deer and a pig too. They got to go on their first ride. (There was only one that they were tall enough to ride.) Brock was fairly indifferent while Mason loved the first half and was scared the second half. I think their favorite part was what daddy called the foot jiggle ride. That would be the 25 cent foot massage machine. They got to see livestock, reptiles, a monster truck and Mason caught his first fish. Brock had four fish take bites but it's hard to set the hook with mommy taking pictures. Fish fear us! The boys had the most fun running amok at the picnic and impressing everyone with their very loud 2-stroke motor noises.

Fun At Lone Pine Farms??

I'm not sure that it could be considered fun but we were at Lone Pine Farms. It is official though I am never taking the boys down there by myself again. I was totally outnumbered. Here was the plan: Let the boys feed the goats, play on the playground, buy produce and have a picnic lunch. Sounds fun right? This is what happened: Brock paid attention to the goats for 30 seconds while Mason wanted nothing to do with the goats, both boys fought over the old Case tractor, neither wanted to play on the playground, both ran screaming in opposite directions and were strapped back into the stroller while screaming, hastily picked out produce and went home for lunch. The picture of Mason screaming is because he didn't want to play at the playground, he wanted to go back to the tractor. Super duper fun times!

Chapter 3-Why It's Sucks Having A Cousin

Yep that crazy cousin Kiley is back. Sometimes it sucks having a cousin especially when she won't quit messing with your s#*@. Let's not mention that it's her dad's truck we're playing and in not ours. All we're trying to do is get the beast backed in straight and she's messing with the door handle, touching the steering wheel, adjusting the mirror and yes sharing the drivers seat.

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Time Out In Papa's Boat

This was the first time that the boys have gotten to go out on the water in Nana and Papa's boat. We took them up to Foster lake since there is no better to spend a hot day than to be on the water. The boys had so much fun driving the boat in circles until they made nana sick and papa let them honk the horn as much as they wanted, which was a lot. Since Mason is a little more adventuresome with water he spent more time sitting on the back of the boat kicking his feet in the water while Brock hung out in the drivers seat.

Slip N' Slide

So we tried this last year which resulted in lots of tears but if you know James then you know his motto is "keep trying until they like it!" James made the boys a slip n slide out of left over plastic from the shop and it worked great! Mason absolutely loved it. He couldn't get enough. Brock however ran screaming every time James tried to get him to go down. Notice the picture of him hiding in the trees and then running screaming. He did eventually have fun playing with the hose. Since they were already wet we thought it would be a good time for ice-cream sandwiches too. Now you see why we don't eat these fully dressed in the house.

Bullards Beach

We spent a weekend camping at Bullards beach state park right outside of Bandon Oregon. It was the first time that we have been south of Coos Bay. The boys did great on the long drive and we had decent weather for being on the coast. They got to fly kites for the first time and of course no camping trip would be complete without smores, glow sticks and BBQ'd oysters.