Sunday, December 1, 2013

Trees Are Up!

I finally got James to haul out the big tree. The boys watched Christmas movies all day, I made almond roca and the last tree is up. Christmas is in full swing at the Dodge house!

Civil War 2013

The entire game was a nail biter but in the end the Ducks won by one point in the last 30 seconds...aghhhhhh!

Cinnamon Hearts 2013

The boys and I made cinnamon hearts for the first time and oh baby did house smell delicious while they were baking!

Spirit Week 2013

The boys are lucky to have such a fun daddy during spirit week at school. He made them special hard hats with their names on them for "dress like dad day" and he colored their hair purple & red for "crazy hair day". They also had pajama day, hat day and beaver/duck day.

Return of Jingles the Elf 2013

The boys woke up to a big surprise...Santa left them a special breakfast to kick off the return of Jingles the elf! He left them donuts, green milk, Christmas activity books & headbands and even a letter. It told them that Jingles requested to be assigned to their house again this year and how proud he was of them for working so hard in kindergarten and at wrestling. It also gave them a list of examples of "nice" things and "naughty" things so they could try to do all the "nice" things and none of the "naughty" things. The boys were super stoked that Jingles was back!

Thanksgiving 2013

We are so thankful that both of our families live so close that we are able to see everyone on the holidays. We went to both the Raymond and Dodge houses and definitely ate our fill. After explaining what events the day would entail to the boys Brock said "WOW it's like a big turkey party!"