Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Deer or Dog??? Ask Brock.....

The boys saw their first deer in our yard the other morning. They were so excited to watch it out the kitchen window and no they are not suppose to be sitting on the kitchen counter. Brock actually thought it was a big dog and kept barking. Good thing mommy didn't hit it earlier on the way to the gym when she almost mow it down in the honda...oops.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tamara's May Twin Pics

We hit up the fields near our house for another photo session with our incredibly brave and patient friend Tamara. We can't believe how big the boys are getting and how fast they're changing. We feel so blessed to have all of these photo memories of them growing up. Thanks so much Tamara! Here are a few of the pictures. The boys are 23 months now!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Las Vegas 2010

What better way to turn 30 than a weekend in Vegas! I love this city and because this was our third trip we were actually able to kick back and relax. We didn't feel any pressure to rush around to see everything and instead we spent time lying by the pool under the misters. It was 90 degrees and clear blue skies the whole weekend. Ryan and Kathleen (James's brother and sister-in-law) flew down with us too. If we weren't by the pool or eating (you all know this is one of my favorite things to do) then we were wandering the strip or spending time down on Freemont street. We also had a blast riding the "Speed Ride" roller coaster at the Nascar cafe for the first time. Monday was our last day in Vegas and my offical birthday so we celbrated with ice-cream sundaes at the Ghirardelli ice-cream shop! We had a great trip but the boys punished us when we got home. They were very angry with us and they wouldn't have anything to do with us for the whole first day we were home. Not even eye contact! We've left them two other times for two nights and they didn't even notice we were gone but I guess three nights is a little different.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Second Zoo Trip

Today we decided to take the boys back to the zoo. This was their second trip. Last fall when they we went I don't think they ever saw much beyond the Cheerios in their trays. This time they actually saw all of the animals and had a good time.

James made me add the picture of the little monkey because he said it reminded him of what Brock looked like when we first brought him home from the hospital.

One of the best parts of this trip was the Orangutan exhibit. They sat right in front of the glass and talked to the boys. If you look close you can see the boys making their "Oooh ooh" monkey noises and faces.

Next stop was the African exhibits. If you remember correctly last time we missed that entire continent because we were too retarded to find the right path. Not so this time and holy cow it's practically half the zoo. Talk about missing out last trip. We couldn't resist getting a up close photo of two giant hippo butts. Mason was feeling pretty brave today and he even pet the goats. Last fall he thought they were some pretty scary creatures. Overall we had great weather and another wonderful day at the zoo.

Cousins: Chapter 2-Why it still sucks to have cousins sometimes

Talk about no privacy. If two's company three is probably a crowd in the bath tub. We were giving the boys a bath the other day when we turned our backs for just a minute and Javon was in the tub too. Maybe I was still a little weak from my half marathon but I really thought I only had two kids. Sometimes it just sucks having cousins :)


Seriously do girls do this? Only boys would think (I won't mention any names...Mason) that it is a good idea to play in the truck exhaust and really Brock...a screwdriver and a volleyball? By the way what's on your face and where the heck are your pants?

Go Fetch

When the boys get crabby here is how James likes to entertain them. It's a little game we like to call go fetch. James practices his golf swing and the boys fetch his balls for him.

April 2010

Now that we are getting some nicer weather the boys just can't stand to be inside. Last year they were just a little bit too young to really enjoy the great outdoors so this year it's all one big adventure. They get really upset when it rains and they get stuck inside.