Friday, July 16, 2010

2 Year Doctor Appointment

Well we finally got the boys in for their 2 year doctor appointment and guess what...they're Perfect! They are 35" tall and are still 50% for height. Mason is 28.6 lbs and in the 50% for weight while Brock is closer to the 25% for weight at 27.2 lbs. James always says he wants them lean and mean :)They are growing great and continually amaze us with the amount of food that they eat. The other night they ate half of a Costco Tri-tip before we made them stop so that we could have some. That was after eating a whole baked potato each and they were still hungry so they followed it up with grapes, wheat toast, cheese and crackers! And as you can see that darn cousin Kiley is still sneaking into the pictures.

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