Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

We had a great time New Years Eve getting to spend time with friends and family that we just don't get to see enough. The boys had lots of fun playing with all of the little ones that we rarely get to see. It was like one giant daycare very different than five years ago :)

The Twin Game

The boys are getting sooooo big! They are even playing their first board game, well sort of. We use a matching game and instead of playing like memory we call it the "twin game" and the boys have lots of fun finding matching pairs or "twins". Earlier this week the boys brought us identical cars and told us that they were twins. I'm not sure why they thought twins look alike since they obviously don't and the twins at daycare are boy/girl twins that look nothing alike. Sort of funny.

Monkey Hats

The boys got monkey hats from Josh and Miranda for Christmas. This was probably one of our favorite things that the boys got for Christmas because honestly could they get any cuter?

Christmas 2010

Well another great but very busy Christmas season has passed. We spent Christmas Eve with James's family playing games and eating junk food. We let the boys open the couple gifts that Santa brought them early and they loved everything. This was the first year that the boys understood what presents are and they had so much fun opening them all up. Two little things that were a BIG hit were their Elmo slippers and electric tooth brushes. On Christmas day we had lunch with my family and dinner with the Dodges. The boys got lots of fun stuff including bicycles, a centrifuge bike, OSU sweat shirts and lots of trains, trucks and books.