Saturday, January 4, 2014

West Albany Tournament 2014

The boys had their first tournament today at West Albany High school. Mason won all 3 of his matches while Brock won 1 and lost 2 but he thinks he won the last one so we aren't correcting him :) Both boys had lots of fun and we excited to get their medals.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Eve 2013

We enjoyed good company, too much food and more than a little silliness on this years New Years Eve!

Christmas 2013

The boys had another wonderful Christmas with both sides of the family and they were excited to find that Santa left them both a mario game and bunk beds just like they requested. They purchased gifts for everyone in my family again this year from the dollar tree, thus the pink boa, green hair extensions and black foam cowboy hat pictured here.

Gingerbread Men 2013

After being snowed in for several days we were all going stir crazy so lucky for us the Forresters were feeling brave enough to fight the elements and come play with us. The kiddos had fun playing in the snow, decorating giant gingerbread men, painting ornaments and of course keeping warm with hot cocoa. Thanks so much Carmen, Alex and Max for saving our sanity!

Christmas Eve 2013

The boys woke up on Christmas Eve to several surprises. First they got to open their Christmas Eve boxes from mom and dad which contained new jammies, toe socks, popcorn, coloring books and duck/beaver ornaments. Next the boys discovered that Jingles left them a bag of grinch dust (to keep the grinch away) and supplies to make reindeer food, both to sprinkle outside on the lawn.

Snow Fun 2013

The boys loved playing in the snow but we sure didn't like below freezing temps! They rode their 4-wheeler, snow boarded and pulled the sleds behind the quad. Notice the boys even drove and pulled daddy!