Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July 2010

This year we opted for a quiet evening at home for the 4th of July which felt totally weird since I think this was our second time ever staying in town for the holiday. After an exciting morning at the Harrisburg parade and a rejuvenating nap we headed outside to BBQ. Arien, Rae, and Kiley joined us for dinner. While Grandpa Dodge and Javon showed up for play time afterward. The lawn mower seemed to be the hot toy of the day...it's the simple things. James drug the kids around in the wagon behind the mower and they took turns hanging from the basketball hoop. Silly kids and they thought this was actually cool! The boys hated all of the fireworks except for the sparklers. They LOVED the sparklers though! Being the creative idiots that they are James and Arien found a way to shoot lighted spinners into the air using a crossbow. It's all about safety at our house. Overall we had a great evening and the boys were totally tuckered out by sunset.

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