Thursday, December 23, 2010

Favorite Things

The boys have really been into coloring lately. It probably qualifies as their current favorite thing to do and what better than to wear a box on your head while you work. Their day care lady gave them presents in gift boxes but only one is big enough to wear as a hat so we've had lots of fighting over the new "hat".

Rainy Days

It was another rainy day so we kept busy making a track for the hot wheels with an old diaper box. Luckily they're only two so they were really impressed with my artistic abilities.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stinkin' Sneaky Duck Fans!

I should have guessed that James was just too compliant when we dressed the boys in their Beaver gear the morning of the Civil War game. Underneath those orange and black clothes James had taken a marker to them and gave them "tattoos". Brock tried to scrub the "Go Ducks" off Mason's butt.

Civil War Cupcakes

Aunt Niki brought over supplies so that the boys could decorate their own Beaver and duck mini cupcakes. Brock just wanted a little bite out of each cupcake but of course the OSU ones were his favorite.

Storybook Land 2010

I can't even describe how much fun the boys had at storybook land this year. They were the perfect age that everything was magical and they loved all of the characters. Brock had to give hugs to all of the teddy bears and he also tried to feed the rain deer the canned food that we brought for the needy. Mason's favorite part was jumping up and down to make the Grinch jump. They even gave Santa high fives and sat on his lap without crying.