Monday, August 16, 2010

West Coast Game Park

We took the boys to the wildlife park in Bandon while we were camping there with friends. The whole park is enclosed so the boys could run free instead of having to hang out in the stroller all day. It's a mixture of free range petting zoo with larger animals in cages like a zoo. Notice the bear sitting on it's hind legs begging for Brock's peanut butter bagel. Mason was so nervous around animals last year but not anymore. He chased a poor albino deer all around the place. Both boys got to pet lion cubs and they got the bottle feed baby tigers. Brock who has always loved animals loved the petting zoo portion of it. They had peacocks, ducks, goats, donkeys, llamas, rams, sheep, deer and more running around free range. Deer fear Brock, he had a whole heard running from him at one point.

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