Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun At Lone Pine Farms??

I'm not sure that it could be considered fun but we were at Lone Pine Farms. It is official though I am never taking the boys down there by myself again. I was totally outnumbered. Here was the plan: Let the boys feed the goats, play on the playground, buy produce and have a picnic lunch. Sounds fun right? This is what happened: Brock paid attention to the goats for 30 seconds while Mason wanted nothing to do with the goats, both boys fought over the old Case tractor, neither wanted to play on the playground, both ran screaming in opposite directions and were strapped back into the stroller while screaming, hastily picked out produce and went home for lunch. The picture of Mason screaming is because he didn't want to play at the playground, he wanted to go back to the tractor. Super duper fun times!

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