Saturday, August 28, 2010

State Fair 2010

The boys got their first taste of the state fair today. James's work had their summer picnic at the state fair so it was a great opportunity to take the boys. They got to pet a wallaby in the petting zoo not to mention deer and a pig too. They got to go on their first ride. (There was only one that they were tall enough to ride.) Brock was fairly indifferent while Mason loved the first half and was scared the second half. I think their favorite part was what daddy called the foot jiggle ride. That would be the 25 cent foot massage machine. They got to see livestock, reptiles, a monster truck and Mason caught his first fish. Brock had four fish take bites but it's hard to set the hook with mommy taking pictures. Fish fear us! The boys had the most fun running amok at the picnic and impressing everyone with their very loud 2-stroke motor noises.

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