Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Bunny Did What??

If you haven't figured it our yet pinterest rules our are just a few more inspirations that we used to make our Easter just a little more memorable. When the boys woke up Easter morning they ran downstairs and found out that the Easter bunny not only left them a basket full of goodies (including PVC pipe marshmallow shooters-idea from pinterest too :) and eggs hidden everywhere he also left his poo in the toilet and forgot to flush! Since everyone knows that the Easter bunny poops jelly beans we knew for sure that the real bunny had been in our house :) They also saw this on the computer previously so when they discovered the jelly bean poo in the toilet while hunting eggs they were overjoyed by this irrefutable proof that the bunny was here! They were also very excited to find money (pennies & nickels) in their eggs. Mason said "I have so much money now I can't even count it all!"

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