Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Got to love Pinterest and all it's ideas! This year for St.Patrick's Day the boys decorated a special box to put out in the moonlight (the story is below)with hopes that the leprechauns would leave them something special in it. Mason of course was stressed out that they would come into his room so just like for Jingles the elf we had to put a sign on his bedroom door that said "No leprechauns allowed in Mason and Brock's room". The leprechauns did come that night and they left the boys a series of clues kind of like a treasure hunt so that they could find their special box and their treasure! When they found it in the dryer they were so excited that Mason was screaming and jumping up & down. I think it was better than Christmas. I wish I had gotten it on video tape. The boys followed up the excitement by drinking green milk for breakfast with their new shamrock straws :)

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