Friday, July 1, 2011

Enchanted Forest

Grandma and Grandpa Dodge couldn't have picked a better day to take us to the Enchanted Forest. Tim, Calli, Javon, Arien, Rae, Corbin and Kiley came along also. I've been dying to go but I wanted to wait until this year when the boys were a little older. They went on almost every ride but their favorite was the bumper boats. Grandma went down all the slides and even took Mason through the rabbit hole. It was really fun to see the boys wide eyed excited over everything. They got to meet president Abe Lincoln but Mason was much more impressed with the bow and arrow set that Grandma bought them. The only thing that they didn't like was the hole that you can go down in the teepee. The photo where Mason looks like he's completely freaking out was when he saw me try to go down the hole.

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