Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 Year Check-Up

Well we can't believe another year has come and gone. The boys are conversational talking now and they co-play more now. They LOVE their preschool and are fully potty trained with the exception of pull-ups at night time. Whew!! They love the teachers, kids and all the art/crafts activities at school. Most importantly they are taking good naps there. They are really into catching "bad guys" right now though I have no idea where this came from and they like to make up different kisses kiss, blue kiss, tractor kiss, puppy kiss...etc.

Today was their 3 year doctor appointments. Both boys were in the 50% for height and Mason was just above the 50% for weight while Brock was closer to the 25% for weight. Brock was 36.75" tall and 32.4 lbs. Mason was 37.5" tall and 34.0 lbs. Of course maybe they weighed more since we went straight from Izzy's to the doctor :)

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