Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ditch Digging

So here is the latest chapter in the shop saga.....Nobody knows how to have like James but hopefully thanks to all of his hard work we'll finally have electricity in the shop soon. The power company decided that they wanted to use a power pole on the northeast corner of our property so this meant that James needed to dig a ditch all the way there so that the lines could be ran underground. The first weekend he went at it with a ditch witch but quickly realized that he needed something bigger. Weekend number two he attacked the yard with a small back hoe which made the job much easier (especially in the area that he had to drop down about eight feet). Unfortunately the back hoe couldn't fit between the retaining wall and the side of the shop so for the past two weekends James has been carving a ditch through solid rock by hand. This ditch is a good four feet deep right here and I'm not kidding when I say it's solid rock. The good news is that he's burning all those Mountain Dew calories that he's drinking in the morning. Personally I prefer to save my back and hit the treadmill.

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