Sunday, March 22, 2009

9 1/2 Months

It's amazing how much they can change in only one month. Just look at how big Brock looks when I'm holding him now!

Mason has really gotten good at this army crawling business. He's a pretty fast cruiser and he can even go down the stair into the living room. (We haven't let him take a spin at the bigger stairs yet but its not for lack of trying on his part.) He can also pull himself up on the furniture now which makes him feel pretty cool.

Brock has finally decided to start army crawling just yesterday. We got all excited and he just looks at you like you're the dumb one because he's known how to do it all along. He doesn't really pull himself up on stuff yet but he loves to play standing up when you help him. (He's just not real motivated.)

Mason has finally gotten his second tooth (which is a top one, yeah this looks real cool one on top and one on bottom) and he can now grind them together making an absolutely awful noise. He is also working on teeth number three and four, while Brock is just starting to get his third tooth. Mason also ate his first bug the other day. A nice big black one that I discovered when he barfed later :)

Brock is on the left and Mason is on the right in the above pictures.

The boys latest discovery is....drum roll please....each other. They just figured out that there is someone sleeping in the crib next to them. They like to pull down their bumpers and peak through the bars at each other. They think that this is so funny that they just laugh and laugh. Mason has also taken to talking to Brock and trying to wake him up when he gets up first. In fact just this morning he pulled himself up and stood staring down at Brock sleeping. He also loves to get into the entertainment center and pull everything out. We now have childproof locks on these doors as of yesterday. Now James just has to do the rest of the house.

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