Monday, August 19, 2013

Dunefest 2013

What can I say we had an amazing time at Dunefest in Windchester Bay this year! We camped with several other racers that we haven't gotten to see since our Sand Mountain days and the weather was incredible. (Seriously I even broke out the shorts which never happens on the Oregon coast!)The boys drag raced their little quads for the first time and thought they were pretty hot stuff when they got trophies for participating in the kids races. Mason is so excited about his trophy that he is still sleeping with his. Their friend Dallas won the kids race and got the big trophy. All the kids of course had a blast playing together in the sand. All of James's bikes ran great and he took first place in the Sportsman class and ended up braking out in the king of the hill. Overall good times with good people = a great weekend!

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