Monday, January 28, 2013

Mason's Polar Plunge

Well it's January and we've had three solid weeks of absolutely terrible weather. The fog didn't lift at our for a full week and it didn't get above 34 degrees for two weeks so Saturday morning at 10am when Mason saw a small chunk of sun he decided it must be swimming weather. Mind you it was only 40 degrees outside. I think this awful weather we've had lately has made us all go a little crazy but SWIMMING! They had just re-discovered their new kick boards from last summer that they never got to use and of course what better opportunity than now? James didn't want to tell him no so he decided to let him find out on his own how cold 40 degrees is. He went out to the shed and got the pool. Mason filled it up with water and jumped in not once but TWICE! Brock being slightly more sane never got in past his ankles. If you asked them the temperature of the water Mason says it's "medium" (yeah right)whatever that means and Brock says it's wreally, wreally, wreally, wreally, wreally, wreally cold! We actually had to make Mason come in the house before he froze to death.

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