Friday, August 19, 2011

Sunnyside Campout

So the goal of the weekend was to get the boys some time in the water in hopes that they will start to like it and be less afraid. We got to go out in both my parents boat and Niki & Mike's boat. They both love the boat though the water is a different story. Mason liked the water well enough in the beginning and even rode around in the tube behind my parent's boat while Brock cried when we even hinted at putting him in the water. This was until Mason took a tumble into the lake head first and fully dressed. Now he wants nothing to do with the water and was terrified when James fell out of the tube. So our plan completely back fired. We started out with one kid who liked the water now we have none :( They did start to warm up to the water a little more when we let them play on the beach but not enough to say that we won this round. The boys did have lots of fun on the playground and hanging out with friends and family. We also picked enough blackberries for cobbler..YUM.

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