Monday, June 20, 2011

First Day of Preschool

June 20th the boys went to Preschool for the very first time! I just dropped them off for a couple of hours so they could get use to it and they did great! They had lots of fun and liked playing with all the other kids. I think it helped that we got there just in time for recess. They got to go straight out to the playground and didn't even notice when I left. The next day was their first full day with Preschool and after care. More importantly it was the first time that they got to use their Lightening McQueen lunch bags :) By the end of the week they were still happy campers. They both took good naps all week long and neither one had a potty accident all week. They even brought home their first craft project, foam visors that they decorated. They seem to really love school!

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