Sunday, May 2, 2010

Second Zoo Trip

Today we decided to take the boys back to the zoo. This was their second trip. Last fall when they we went I don't think they ever saw much beyond the Cheerios in their trays. This time they actually saw all of the animals and had a good time.

James made me add the picture of the little monkey because he said it reminded him of what Brock looked like when we first brought him home from the hospital.

One of the best parts of this trip was the Orangutan exhibit. They sat right in front of the glass and talked to the boys. If you look close you can see the boys making their "Oooh ooh" monkey noises and faces.

Next stop was the African exhibits. If you remember correctly last time we missed that entire continent because we were too retarded to find the right path. Not so this time and holy cow it's practically half the zoo. Talk about missing out last trip. We couldn't resist getting a up close photo of two giant hippo butts. Mason was feeling pretty brave today and he even pet the goats. Last fall he thought they were some pretty scary creatures. Overall we had great weather and another wonderful day at the zoo.

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