Sunday, January 3, 2010

18 Month Accomplishments

At 18 months the boys are getting pretty silly. Mason loves balls. Any and all balls. He finds the need to point them out every time he see one on T.V. Brock is our animal lover he loves all animal and is getting pretty good at making animal noises. He can sound like a dog, monkey, cow and pig. Both boys love puppets, music and Baby Einstein. They can jump, stomp and kick. They are learning to use spoons and their canines are coming in. Some of the words they can say include: baba, more, bye-bye, dada, duck, dog, shoes, socks, tickle-tickle, thank you, cracker, ouch, no, ball, truck, book, un-un and papa. Notice that mama isn't on the list. That's right their first word was thank you but they have not once said mama...turds. They can even sign "more" and "cracker". Some of the things that they can recognize and point out include: Dada, mama, nana, papa, cracker, ball, apple, banana, toast, hat, tractor, duck, dog, book, shoes, socks, bowl, remote, t.v., truck, chair, cat, and car to list a few. They have also started pointing out body parts. They know where their eyes, nose, mouth, belly button, ears, head, feet/toes and elbows are.

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