Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

Halloween is just starting and the boys are already having fun. On Friday the boys dressed up and Nana paraded them around LBCC. Some of the departments really go all out with the decorations. The boys weren't so sure about some of the costumes. Then that night we went with James's parents to a kids party at the church. The boys had a lot of fun just running around with all of the other kids. This morning we had breakfest at nana and papa's. They got to see Josh and Miranda for the first time since they started running around. Tonight we are headed to grandma and grandpa Dodge's house to make halloween cookies and watch the football game. The boys actually seem to like their halloween costumes too. Brock is the Cheetah and Mason is the Tiger. We figured that he should be the tiger since the crazy hair on the costume resembles his crazy hair in real life. Happy Halloween everyone!

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The Wright Family said...

ROAR! Cute cats! Parker was a lion. Happy Halloween!