Tuesday, September 8, 2009

15 Months Already!

Today the boys turned 15 months! We got their pictures taken yesterday and they we not very good boys, especially mister Brock. That is why in his picture you can tell that he's been crying and he has snot dripping down his face. They are really turning into a handful but very fun too. They are getting more snugly and enjoy curling up on our laps now. Both are walking really well and between the two of them they are in the process of cutting eight new teeth. Brock's favorite word is Uh-oh and Mason started saying book and thank you yesterday. It's amazing how much they've grown up just over the summer. We went camping last weekend and they looked like little boys pushing their dump trucks around in the dirt. They love slides, swings and anything with wheels. They think it is pretty cool to ride the 4-wheelers with daddy too. We can't wait to go play in the pumpkin patch with the boys. Happy September!

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