Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July 2009

We spent the 4th of July this year at the coast. The trip began a little rough with us blowing up the trany in our truck before we even got out of Philomath. Yet again we are in debt to James's brother Arien who drove dad's truck to us and rode home in the tow truck with our truck....we're going to owe him big time. The rest of the weekend actually went pretty well. Not a lot of sunshine but no rain either. James got to go out in the ocean with my dad to get a little fishing and crabbing in. Notice all the helpers around the crab pot. I got in several walks with the boys and we got to enjoy a bunch of fireworks. James also had a couple of very small helpers when it came to fixing a water leak in the trailer. Another great weekend with family and friends.

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