Friday, May 22, 2009

Texas 2009

Last week we went on our first vacation with the boys and the boys did great on the airplane. We decided to fly down to Texas to play in the sun and hang out with family. Luckily we have some really great family that didn't mind us taking over their house and their lives for the weekend.

We were only there four days but we had a ton of fun. We got plenty of pool time and sunshine the first two days. My Uncle even took us up in his plane and we got to do barrel rolls with him. Our third day there we visited the Fortworth Stock yards which have been turned into a tourist area. Our last full day James got to visit both Cabella's and the Texas Motor Speedway. We got plenty of BBQs in and even some great Mexican food. It was also fun to see all the cousins before they get too big.

Good weather, good food, and great company.......we would love to go back someday!

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The Wright Family said...

Sounds fun. Especially the barrel rolls!