Saturday, December 20, 2008

6 Months Old

The boys are getting sooo big. They just turned 6mo on the 8th and had their docotor appt yesterday. Brock gets the chubby belly award this time as he's passed up Mason in size. He is now about a half pound bigger than Mason which is funny since he's the picky eater. Mason will eat anything that you put in front of his face and Brock doesn't want anything to do with solid foods. Mason is now 16lbs 8oz and 26" long and Brock is 16lbs 14oz and 26.5"long. Brock is starting to sit up on his own and Mason is rolling all over the place. Yesterday Brock was screaming something terrible so I ran downstairs to see what was going on and found Mason rolled half way on top of Brock and petting his head. Needless to say Brock wanted to have no part of this.

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