Saturday, March 3, 2007

Cruise 2007

Well we just got home a few weeks ago from our latest adventure. In February we went on an eastern caribbean cruise. We sort of booked the vacation at the last minute so none of our friends were able to get the time off from work that quickly. It's been a long time since we've traveled solo. We had a great time but missed having our friends with us. The cruise itself was great however the getting there was another story. Most of you know that I have terrrible luck with travel dates, times, flights, etc. and should never be allowed to book an adventure on my own. I guess that I 'll just never learn. (You might remember that accidental trip to Mardi Gras a few years ago. Who knew that fat tuesday was a month early that year??) Well this trip was no different. I booked the trip last minute but I actually took the time off from work back in July. Apparently I didn't check with the NFL to find out when/where the super bowl was going to be so guess who was trying to fight their way into Miami the morning of super bowl sunday? That's right it was us. At first there were no hotels available in the entire Fort Lauderdale/Miami area and we were resigned to the fact that we were going to have to sleep in the airport. You can all imagine how excited James was about this prospect. The night before we left I was able to find a hotel 5 minutes from the airport that was opening up all of the rooms that were originally reserved for super bowl and at the time this seemed like a miracle. Little did we know that this would be one of the worst hotel rooms we've ever stayed in. The hotel looked like it had just weathered some sort of devastating tropical storm. If only this excuse rang true. To top off the evening the airlines lost one of our largest pieces of luggage somewhere in the dallas/fort worth airport. Luckily it caught up to us at 1:30 Am and three flights later. We just happened to still be awake when they called since the entire hotel was partying like rocks stars the night before super bowl. We finally made it on board however we had a great time.

Our first stop was San Juan, Puerto Rico. We spent most of the night hiking around exploring the city including a fort that was built back in the 1500's. Even made friends with the local police. Its sort of tradition for us to get pictures with the police after all we did also take them in New Orleans, Mexico, and Jamaica.

Our next stop was St. Maarten where we did a ship wreck snorkling tour. The life Jackets were particularly nice how they had strap that ran between your legs giving you a perma-wedgie.
James is showing off his wedgie in this pic.

St. Thomas
The last stop on this cruise was St. Thomas. We set out early that morning and headed downtown to go shopping. Not finding any amazing bargins we went back to the ship to work on our tans taking advantage of that caribbean sunshine. Later in the afternoon we took the sky ride up to Paradise Point. (a sort of tourist lookout area.)

We were lucky and had wonderful weather the entire trip. It was just what we needed to help get rid of the winter blues.

I also thought I'd include a couple of pictures of the formal nights though there are only a few where James doesn't have his eyes closed.

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